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Designated Candidates OCDC 2-15-2023.jpg

2023 Designated Candidates
(List in formation)

Most Towns and Villages in Onondaga County chose candidates by caucus. Those candidates will be listed as they are announced.
Candidates for New York State Supreme Court in the 5th Judicial District are chosen at a Judicial Nominating Convention in August.

Onondaga County Executive

  • Bill Kinne

District Attorney

  • Chuck Keller

County Comptroller

  • Marty Masterpole

County Clerk

  • Emily Essi

County Legislator (new districts)

  • Duane Maine (5th)

  • Blake Carter (6th)

  • Dan Romeo (7th)

  • Chris Ryan (8th)

  • Palmer Harvey (9th)

  • Claire Ingersoll Wood (10th)

  • Timothy Rudd (15th)

  • Charles Garland (16th)

  • Nodesia Hernandez (17th)

Syracuse City Court Judge

  • Judge Mary Anne Doherty

City Auditor

  • Nader Maroun

Councilor-at-Large (two seats)

  • Chol Majok

  • Rita Paniagua

District Councilors (new districts)

  • Sean Reed Jr. (1st)

  • Patrick Hogan (2nd)

  • Corey Williams (3rd)

  • Bruce Conner (4th)

  • Jimmy Monto (5th)

Syracuse Commissioner of Education (four seats)

  • Tamica Barnett

  • Mary Habib

  • Gwen Raeford

  • Ranette Releford

Lysander Town Supervisor

  • Kevin Rode

Lysander Town Councilor

  • William Stowell

Lysander Town Justice

  • Kevin M. Christopher

Manlius Town Supervisor

  • John Deer

Manlius Town Councilor (three seats)

  • Alissa Italiano

  • Michael V. Nesci

  • Heather Allison Waters

Manlius Town Justice

  • John Boyd II

Salina Town Justice

  • Paul G. Carey

Salina Town Councilor

  • Hayley Downs (1st Ward)

  • Leesa Paul (2nd Ward)

  • Michael McGuirl (4th Ward)

Spafford Town Councilor (two seats)

  • Kimberly Brayman

  • James A. O'Connell

Spafford Highway Superintendent

  • Jody Fisher

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