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2023 Candidates

Onondaga County Executive

District Attorney

  • Chuck Keller

County Comptroller

County Clerk

Family Court Judge

County Legislator (new districts)

  • Blake Carter (6th)

  • Dan Romeo (7th)

  • Chris Ryan (8th)

  • Palmer Harvey (9th)

  • Carrie Ingersoll Wood (10th)

  • Maurice (Mo) Brown (15th)

  • Charles Garland (16th)

  • Nodesia Hernandez (17th)

Syracuse City Court Judge

  • Judge Mary Anne Doherty

City Auditor

Councilor-at-Large (two seats)

  • Chol Majok

  • Rita Paniagua

District Councilors (new districts)

  • Marty Nave (1st)

  • Patrick Hogan (2nd)

  • Corey Williams (3rd)

  • Patrona Jones-Rowser (4th)

  • Jimmy Monto (5th)

Syracuse Commissioner of Education (four seats)

  • Tamica Barnett

  • Mary Habib

  • Gwen Raeford

  • Ranette Releford

Camillus Town Councilor

  • Kathleen Gregory (1st Ward)

  • Emily Woloszyn (3rd Ward)

  • Richard Griffo (5th Ward)

  • Lauren Hardee-Chase (6th Ward)

Camillus Highway Superintendent

  • Michael Woloszyn III

Cicero Town Councilor

  • Joan Kesel

  • Jay Riordan

DeWitt Town Supervisor

  • Edward Michalenko

DeWitt Town Clerk

  • Angela Epolito

DeWitt Town Justice

  • Ian Rennie

DeWitt Town Councilor (three seats)

  • H. Bernard Alex

  • John Dooling

  • Kerry Mannion

Geddes Town Clerk

  • Alison Dorchester

Geddes Town Councilor

  • Alanna Zimmer-Redmond

  • Mark J. English

  • Tracy Walker

Geddes Highway Superintendent

  • Paul Travato

Lysander Town Supervisor

  • Kevin Rode

Lysander Town Councilor

  • William Stowell

Lysander Town Justice

  • Ken Christopher

Manlius Town Supervisor

  • John Deer

Manlius Town Councilor (three seats)

  • Alissa Italiano

  • Michael V. Nesci

  • Heather Allison Waters

Manlius Town Justice

  • John Boyd II

Onondaga Town Councilor (two seats)

  • Justin M. Polly

  • Noelle Relles

Pompey Town Councilor

  • Diana Carpenter

Salina Town Councilor

  • Hayley Downs (1st Ward)

  • Leesa Paul (2nd Ward)

Skaneateles Town Supervisor

  • Chris Legg

Skaneateles Town Justice

  • Ralph DeMasi

Skaneateles Town Councilor (two seats)

  • Katie Peck

  • Becky Goodell

Spafford Town Councilor (two seats)

  • Kimberly Brayman

  • James A. O'Connell

Spafford Highway Superintendent

  • Jody Fisher

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